Bourges 2028 receives a delegation from Matera 2019

A reconciliation between Bourges 2028 and Matera 2019 has been woven because of the many similarities in the two cities, starting with their typology of median size. In fact, Matera account 60400 inhabitants and its position had not prevented him from winning the Italian front in cities of greater size, such as Venice, for example, in the bid phase. 

To strengthen the links and continue the sharing of experience, Bourges 2028 received Giovanni Padula, director general of the Foundation Matera-Basilicata, on 20 and 21 September 2022. On the first day, when meeting #3 to the Abbey of Noirlac, he brought his expertise regarding the management of a program of the european Capital of Culture in a city of median size, the before and the after, with successes and challenges. On the second day, an encounter with the cultural actors of Bourges and different field visits were organized.