Europe, I love you ! February 2022
© Faustine Damman

Beginning in 2022, we have put in place a campaign participatory around the visual identity of the application entitled “Choose together Bourges 2028”. To do this we asked people to choose the new logo for the nomination between 3 suggestions imagined by four graduates of the Ecole Supérieure d'art et de Design d'orléans (ESAD). More than 3,000 voters participated in the campaign online through our social network and our website. The children of Bourges were invited to vote for their preferred logo in the classroom. The toolkit had been given to the teachers to explain the application of the city of Bourges in the title of european Capital of Culture. 

This is the famous logo sheet that identifies Bourges 2028, which has been chosen by the population berruyère. This logo refers to the lightness, protection of the environment and biodiversity. Are, a choice box that corresponds to the ecological values that Bourges door with his candidacy for the title of european Capital of Culture. This visual identity was unveiled specially on the day of Valentine's day, February 14, 2022, around an event, “Europe, I love you!”

“Europe, I love you!” was an event celebrating the feeling european. The idea was to make it clear to people that, by choosing the Bourges 2028, they chose Europe. 

From 12 to 14 February, Bourges 2028 hosted a weekend of festivities where the Berruyers were able to declare their love to the Europe. Cultural programming unifying punctuated by events that took place in partnership with the city of Bourges, the association of the Thousand Worlds, the Office of trade and crafts, and the Mysteries of Bourges. 

In the program the inhabitants could send love poems to their european friends, poems written and sent by the poetic project global, with Jacques Jouet, Cécile Riou, Jean-Paul Honoré, Patrick Biau and Annie Pellet. 

The belgian association, Heritage on wheels, has proposed to berruyers celebrate their love, as in Europe, by conducting a workshop of portraits all public for the purpose of creating a huge gallery to open sky with the ones local. 

That said declaration of love, says serenade! To do this, Bourges 2028 orchestrated a dozen musicians who have set fire to the city centre on the sounds of jazz, funk and hip-hop. 

Finally, this weekend ended in beauty, as on this occasion, the application did win seats to the Printemps de Bourges 2022 to ten individuals drawn at random from among the voters of the logo of the campaign “Choose together Bourges 2028”