METRO EUROPA, discover and (re)discover Bourges in lines !
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Bourges 2028 is the application of the “démétropolisation” and it is precisely to take the opposite of the large transport networks of cities that we have chosen to imagine Bourges our own metro. Metro Europa is a subway art and “imaginary” in which is characterized by a series of itineraries dynamic through the city of Bourges. The subway lines are the routes on low-carbon to travel on foot, bicycle, scooter, symbolised by a small “m” of colors on the ground. These routes aménent the visitor in front of the “metro station”, which are both places of cultural, historic, natural, or even of daily life in which are proposed for the artistic programming and new. 

In 2022, we have launched 3 lines prototypes : 

  • A line blue Nights is Light” : The Nights of Light, it is a journey night show, which exists since 1999 highlights – thanks to the technique of mapping – the iconic landmarks of the historic centre of Bourges. Bourges 2028 wished to complete the offer of this exceptional event with two artists from two european Capitals of Culture for 2022. Visitors were able to discover the works Dejan STOJKOV (Serbia – Novi Sad 2022) and Maksimilianas OPRIŠKA (Lithuania – Kaunas 2022) on the building of the former Archbishopric.
  • A-line pink “Bourges Contemporary” : Since 2019, “Bourges Contemporary” highlights during the summer season of productions of contemporary art in the City and its surroundings. This summer 2022, the four locations of the course “Bourges Contemporary” become stations of a line METRO EUROPA : The Box, the Gallery, The Cross-sectional, pallet truck and Antrum Skins and the Palais Jacques-Coeur. Bourges 2028 complete the offer of Bourges Contemporary with a station street of Auron to discover contemporary art galleries and two stations at the House of Culture and the Bookstore the Pen of The Sarthate, where two mailboxes were waiting for the visitors so they can drop the words to George Sand and André Malraux
  • A line green “Gardens” : Bourges has a remarkable natural heritage. It has always been a city rooted in the nature with its 150 acres of marsh in the heart of the city, with the garden of prés fichaux, a garden Art-deco style set in the 1920s, and is today labeled "Remarkable Garden", there is also the garden of Lazenay, which presents the peculiarity of being a “garden in movement”, a concept invented by landscape architect Gilles Clement. These parks and gardens have enabled to Bourges to preserve a unique ecosystem, rich in plants. The green line was inviting visitors to rediscover them. 

To rediscover the 2022 edition of Metro Europa : a link to the brochure 2022

The end of 2022 we launched a participatory process to imagine the inhabitants of Bourges, the metro europa 2023. We met during the Agoras in order to build together the metro lines and stations. For more information : link to the page AGORAS.