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> Line Nights Light
> Line Bourges / Contemporary Art and cinema
> Line Gardens

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The first participatory workshops of the application of Bourges 2028 in the first half of 2021 have identified the issues of mobility between the city centre and the periphery, but also of the city with the rural territory and cultural icons such as Noirlac, The Terminal or barn pyramidal. This situation is shared by several medium-sized cities, partners of the reflection of Bourges, by Region, in France and in Europe, that are associated with the application. The dynamization, the facilitation of the course in the city, in the periphery and in rural areas, low-carbon to develop another relationship to culture and territory, we has emerged as a fundamental issue, unexplored at this point.

Metro Europa is a concept prototype of a cultural place of new generation meeting the objectives of the European Commission in 2030 (in the framework of reduction of 45% of Carbon emissions) and 2050 (carbon neutrality). It corresponds to several fundamental Bourges 2028 : Organic – it blends in with the urbanity or rurality creating new links between people over several kilometers, low cost and durable : its carbon footprint is zero and its investment cost low, replicable/editable, it is more participatory or inclusive, it can integrate the citizens in its creations and its governance.

Metro Europa is a proposal of a prototype of a new way of thinking and spread the culture on the territory, bind the citizens, artists and cultural actors between them.

Metro Europa is primarily thought of as a teaching tool opened on the territory, its inhabitants, on Europe, its wealth of its diversity, its values.

Pascal Keiser, June 2022

THE METRO EUROPA : artistic journey through the city

METRO EUROPA is a journey of urban cultural in the city of Bourges, mixing cultural sites, heritage sites, and artistic events unpublished. Bourges 2028, application for the renewal of cities human-size, as a nod to the démétropolisation, proposes the creation of a metro fictional and artistic Bourges. 

This summer 2022, Bourges 2028 offers 3 experimental lines, which are based on already existing, in collaboration with associations, cultural institutions, and the services of the City of Bourges : 

  • the line " blue Nights is Light, 
  • the line "pink" Bourges Contemporary Art and cinema
  • the line "green" Gardens – Environment

Discover a-line, nothing more simple, you must follow the " M " drawn out in the streets of the city stencil in pink, green, and blue, as a dotted line that will lead you to each station.

Metro Europa it is also the perfect opportunity to opt for soft mobility... on foot, by scooter, bike, or by bus to the town of Bourges and a great part of circulating natural gas ! A partnership between the business Pony and Bourges 2028 allows you to move around in scooters between the different sites for the price of 2 euros.

Line Bourges / Contemporary Art, film and cinema on Google Maps

THE RER Low Carbon Noirlac  

METRO EUROPA was designed as a project modeling exportable in the Department of Cher, Région Centre-Val de Loire, and also in the partner cities of the application of Bourges 2028. 

METRO EUROPA consists of RER low carbon Noirlac to accompany a reflection on how to connect Bourges and the territory. So, this summer, from July 16 to September 18, 2022, in addition to the three experimental lines, Bourges 2028 also offers a course of contemporary art in nature between Bourges and the Abbey of Noirlac connected by a shuttle provided by the RATP dev, which flows into biomethane. 

The stations of RER :

The Area of La Périsse in Dun-sur-Auron (Cher)
The environmental context of the area of Perish, which is located in the heart of a natural area sensitive limestone plateau, joins the proposal of contemporary monumental artist Vincent Mauger.
The Château de Meillant in Meillant (Cher)
In a landscape setting that is specific to the English garden, contemporary works of Vincent Mauger will allow the visitor to a replay of the architectural ensemble of the flamboyant gothic style and the Renaissance Château de Meillant.
The Field of Châteaufer to Châteaufer (Cher)
The pause gourmande in the farm organic Châteaufer allows for a discovery of taste of the fruit, vegetables and beverages, organic products on site.
The Abbey of Noirlac to Bruère-Allichamps (Cher)
The tour of the gardens of Gilles Clément and groves of the abbey, together with the implementation of land-art-of-Thomas Martin mark the culmination of the course.
The Canal de Berry
Between nature and heritage, this flagship aquatic Berry can be discovered independently on foot, by bike, scooters...

Each place is distinguished by its unique environment, heritage and the arts. Contemporary works of the artist Vincent Mauger is present at the Château de Meillant and the Domain of La Périsse, in the heart of a Natural Area Sensitive. Thomas Martin, meanwhile, exhibited in the bocage of the Abbey of Noirlac. Contemporary facilities are an integral part of the course, in the same way that the context of the environment and heritage places.

The means of transport, low-carbon to visit the sites of La Périsse, of Meillant, of Châteaufer and the Abbey of Noirlac will be made available, with a driver, the company RATP dev. It will be a car running on biomethane of 55 seats.

Practical info :
– Reservation required at the Office du tourisme de Bourges*
Shuttle biomethane air-conditioned effective from 17 July to 18 September 2022 Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17 July to 31 August and Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 18 September 2022.
Public family (suitable for any age)

– Shuttle bus schedule biomethane : departure Bourges to 13: 30 – Arrival at Bourges 18: 45
– Career :
13 :30 Departure of the shuttle (the garden of the Archbishop of Bourges, avenue Eugène-Brisson Bourges (departure of the shuttle)

14h15 – 15h : Station of the Château de Meillant
15h15-16h Station : the Abbey of Noirlac
16: 10-17h Station : taste of the area of Châteaufer
17h15 – 18h : Station of the area of La Périsse
18h – 18h45 : Back to Bourges, avenue Eugène-Brisson (arrival of the shuttle)

Attention, due to the closure of the domain of Châteaufer 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 August 2022, the trip will be the next in this period :
13 :30 Departure of the shuttle (the garden of the Archbishop of Bourges, avenue Eugène-Brisson Bourges (departure of the shuttle from the location reserved for cars)

14h15 – 15h : Station of the Château de Meillant
15: 15-16.50 Station : the Abbey of Noirlac, and stop in taste to the tea Room
17h15 – 18h : Station of the area of La Périsse
18h – 18h45 : Back to Bourges

* Reservation required with
the Office du tourisme de Bourges (places are limited) :
> the the Office of the board of tourism located on the place Simone Veil at Bourges (Open in July and August : 9h-19h from Monday to Saturday and 10am-18h Sundays and public holidays / September : 9: 30 – 18: 30 from Monday-Saturday / 10am – 18h Sundays and public holidays). Phone : 00 33 2 48 23 02 60
> internet on the site > under “agenda” (search by date) or on > under “agenda” (search by date) > Fare for the journey by shuttle bus : 12,90 € (purchase online or at the office of the Office of tourism) / free for children under 10 years of age

Partners RER low carbon Noirlac
An operation Bourges, Cher, Centre-Val de Loire, candidate for the european capital of culture 2028 in partnership with the Ad2T, the Route Jacques Coeur, the Office of tourism of Cœur de France, the RATP DEV, Patàpain, les Espaces Naturels Sensibles du Cher, the Area of La Périse, les Amis du domaine de La Périsse, le domaine de Châteaufer, the Château de Meillant, the Abbey of Noirlac, and les Nouvelles Renaissances 2022.

Work of Vincent Mauger at the Château de Meillant / © Vincent Mauger
Work of Vincent Mauger at the Château de Meillant / © Vincent Mauger
Work of Vincent Mauger in the Field of La Périsse / © Vincent Mauger
Work of Vincent Mauger in the Field of La Périsse / © Vincent Mauger
The work of Thomas Martin at the Abbey of Noirlac