The Capitals talk to you about it!

The candidate cities and elected European Capitals of Culture form a large family, a network of mutual aid and European exchanges. Bourges 2028 had the chance to welcome representatives of two great European Capitals of Culture that have gone down in history: Mons 2015, Belgium and Matera 2019, Italy.

Matera 2019, Italy

Giovanni Padula, General Commissioner of Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture, shared his valuable advice in Bourges, a city of similar size to Matera. Thanks to the title of European Capital of Culture, the tourist flow has increased from a few thousand to 750,000 visitors in the years following the Capital year in 2019.

Mons 2015, Belgium

Yves Vasseur, General Commissioner of Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture gave his point of view on the city of Bourges and assured us that, regardless of its size, Bourges has every chance of winning this title. Becoming the European Capital of Culture has allowed Mons to be visible on the map of Europe, and since 2015 its attractiveness continues to prosper. What we want with this title is to promote the city of Bourges and place it at the heart of Europe.

Example of the impact in figures with Mons 2015: 

  • 2 million visitors in 2015
  • Increase from 200,000 to 400,000 visitors per year after 2015
  • More than 700 jobs created
  • More than 400 associative projects were submitted, and around a hundred supported
  • New image of the city and improvement of Mons pride
  • Significant investments in training around new industrial sectors and attractiveness for innovative profiles 
  • Creation of 5 hotels and registration with European tour operators 
  • Opening of 25 additional restaurants after 2015

Following obtaining the title, the Bourges 2028 team is structuring itself for the rest of the project. We will see you at the end of May with a completed operational team. Until then, you can contact us at and follow us on social networks