The cultural strategy of Bourges 2028

To carry out its project, Bourges 2028 wishes to rely on prototyping. Prototyping is understood as a concept that translates an idea into reality but is not complete without user feedback. We do not simply want to “create” Territories of the Future from an intelligent design process. Our approach is to bring ideas to life and create prototypes so that people can co-create, try and give feedback on the process, project, product, and program. In this sense, we have imagined 3 major themes in our artistic program! !

Our neighbours

Lots of neighbours focuses on human-sized cities experiencing population loss. We will explore participatory policy development, innovative cultural practices in citizen governance, conflict resolution, meeting and understanding others. We will also seek to take care of our European neighbours with low-carbon means of transport and sustainable and positive alternatives to our habits. Lots of Neighbors offers new ways to interact equitably with our non-human neighbours, the environment and Nature. Artists will spearhead this movement for systemic change.

The language of Europe

The language of Europe highlights the role of the artist in the face of new European narratives, in a context of climate change, climate skepticism, multiple social crises and war. How can we use the themes and visibility of Bourges 2028 to create a truly pan-European dynamic and disseminate artistic productions carrying positive messages and solutions? And how can we transmit this heritage to our territory and to others?

Right Here, Right Now!

Right Here, Right Now!  evokes cultural rights, which are still too underdeveloped for us to be able to say that they include everyone, in a context of fragmented societies, whether in France or in Europe. We talk about accessibility, but we go much further. Whether young people, the homeless, dropouts, minorities, disabled, eco-feminism, digital challenges and digital inclusion, the elderly, people hospitalized, people affected by mental or isolated illnesses.


Following obtaining the title, the Bourges 2028 team is structuring itself for the rest of the project. We will see you at the end of May with a completed operational team. Until then, you can contact us at and follow us on social networks