RER Europa 2023

A tourist, cultural and ecological journey, low carbon

The RER Europa is a journey of an afternoon to discover 5 places of the rurality of the Cher. A shuttle from Bourges to Sancerre, running on biomethane from household waste. A means of transport that allows you to visit rural areas and their cultural treasures while limiting their carbon footprint. A tourist, cultural and ecological journey accompanied by a cultural mediator.

Contemporary Ceramics Center
La Borne

Museum of La Borne

The silos

Pyramidal barns of Joliveau

Wine and cheese tastings

01. La Borne

CCCLB X Museum of La Borne . 45 min visit

Stop in the village of La Borne to discover the Contemporary Ceramics Center La Borne (CCCLB) and the Museum of La Borne !

La Borne Contemporary Ceramic Center (CCCLB) is an important element of a unique pottery heritage in France. The CCCLB is a cultural and tourist facility of the Community of Communes Terres du Haut Berry. An emblematic and essential place on the contemporary ceramic scene, the CCCLB deploys its activities around the production, distribution and mediation of a contemporary ceramic culture.

The entire artistic and cultural project of the CCCLB is co-constructed around a partnership with the ceramists of the Association Céramique La Borne (ACLB). The CCCLB is the permanent exhibition space for ACLB members. In addition to this artistic permanence, there are temporary exhibitions with guest artists and ceramists.

Between Bourges and Sancerre, in the chapel in the heart of the pottery village, the La Borne museum invites you to discover a remarkable collection of ceramics from the 18th to the 20th century.

Each year, a new exhibition is proposed. Since 2020 the museum has been dedicated to works from the 20th century and presents a new scenography. The artists Élisabeth Joulia, Vassil Ivanoff, Yves Mohy, André Rozay, Marie Talbot etc. are presented.


02. Allons voir !

Barlieu : 15 min visit / Pyramidal barn : 15 mins visit

For this second edition of the RER Europa, Bourges 2028 has chosen to work with the contemporary art trail “Allons voir!” which begins its 5th edition this year, curated by Yves Sabourin. Developing in several towns in Pays-Fort (north of Cher), this project aims to enhance the territory through a dialogue between artists and sites representative of life in our countryside. Invested places can be heritage such as old washhouses or pyramidal barns (inspired by old buildings in northern Europe and from, according to some sources, Visigothic and Viking cultures from the 5th to the 11th centuries), or even contemporary, like silos, but all evoke the activities of the rural world. The participating artists are invited to intervene in reaction to the places invested, which allow them to be discovered under a new look. The close articulation with Bourges Contemporain makes it possible to create a territorial dynamic around contemporary art. Discover two emblematic sites thanks to the RER!

The Washhouse of Barlieu - Martine Schildge

In the washhouse of Barlieu, Martine Schildge offers an immersion in the world of washerwomen and lays on the ground, along the wall, photographic portraits captured in the washhouse and printed on brushed steel generating a velvety finish. Then, she lets her strips of aluminum slide and undulate in the shimmering water with patterns of chiseled and hammered reflections which are in turn reflected in the natural echoes of the water caught by the sun.


The silos

Passage in front of the silos to discover a perennial work by Claude Pasquer created on a set of silos in 2022: Polyrythmie. Deployed on three silos located in the axis of the road which descends from Barlieu, the whole of the work consists of a polyptych generating a variation of combinations of six colors on the surface of the walls.

Pyramidal barn of Joliveau - Laurent Squared

Laurent Esquerré is involved in one of the jewels of the architecture of the Pays-Fort, the pyramidal barn of Joliveau, dating from 1505. After

having let the very impressive and present door close, he feels the need to play with the frame all in elevation, in this majestic space. There he creates a dialogue between a sculpture modeled, again, of aluminum sheets and ceramic ornaments, a vegetal and human allegory that takes flight, a rise into infinity.


03. The Sancerre House

The Sancerre House : 1h visit

Come and enjoy a privileged wine and cheese tasting at the Sancerre House!

The Maison des Sancerre and the Sancerre Wine Promotion Committee are the link between winegrowers and the public, the gateway to the Sancerre appellation. A place for winegrower meetings, exchanges and information on the vineyard, the Maison des Sancerre is the tool for promoting and promoting the wines of the appellation. Located on the Piton de Sancerre (recognized in 2022 as one of the most beautiful villages in France), the tourist establishment welcomes you from April to November to discover the geological, contemporary and human history of an iconic vineyard. Designed to accommodate a wide audience, the Maison des Sancerre offers fun activities for young and old, adapted to your level of wine knowledge. It is thus possible to browse a multimedia scenographic space, an aromatic garden, an incredible view of the Sancerre vineyards, a tasting space with a representative selection of our terroirs, and a shop of articles related to the world of wine. A multisensory appetizer experience before going to meet the winegrowers in their field!

*On Fridays in July and August, the tasting break takes place in another place in Sancerre.


Following obtaining the title, the Bourges 2028 team is structuring itself for the rest of the project. We will see you at the end of May with a completed operational team. Until then, you can contact us at and follow us on social networks