Metro Europa 2023

A fictional and artistic, low-carbon metro

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Metro Europa, a fictional and artistic metro, a fun proposal for low-carbon routes. To be explored on foot, by bike, by scooter or by bus running on electricity and natural gas. A tourist, European, ecological and cultural route, on 4 lines. A metro that highlights unique actors and places in the city.


Agoras Métro Europa 2022/2023

At the end of 2022, Bourges 2028 offered citizens and students the opportunity to participate in the production of the new 2023 edition of the Metro Europa.

During agoras orchestrated by the bid, volunteer participants then became authors, thinkers, architects and manufacturers of 4 new metro lines in a spirit of openness to Europe. Accompanied by the cultural actors of the territory, in a context of pedagogy and European networking, the inhabitants were able to imagine the future lines and their stations, think about their programming and give them a name.

Metro Europa is a playful and ironic proposal of dynamic low-carbon routes to be traveled on foot, by bike, by scooter or by bus running on electricity and natural gas in the city. It is a self-guided journey along an imaginary “metro” line, connecting places identified by citizen decisions. The metro lines highlight actors and places of the city, but also of the municipalities of the agglomeration of Bourges Plus. Places that are sometimes forgotten or hidden, which we will relate thematically to their European dimension. Thus, with this project, Bourges 2028 pushes citizen participation further and makes its inhabitants the co-creators of the 2023 Metro Europa. Indeed, they know better than anyone the symbolic places to be restored, the secret routes, the places that make Bourges, which makes them essential experts.

Thanks to their involvement, the Berruyer metro offers a tourist, European, ecological and cultural route on 4 lines, containing 9 stations each, covering an average distance of 2,000 meters per line. This summer 2023, get ready to rediscover your city aboard the Campus, Gastronomy, Music and Water lines!


Following obtaining the title, the Bourges 2028 team is structuring itself for the rest of the project. We will see you at the end of May with a completed operational team. Until then, you can contact us at and follow us on social networks